samantha j.
i am me &
i cant change that.
no music = no life.
i hate blending in, and following
im not really out-going.
im wierd, different.
i'm a lover, not a fighter.
Writing is my entire life.
i love:
joeh pagan,
hayley williams,
brett moses,
sean rudolph jr,
tiffamy redbear,
octavion colvin,
& Diet Coke.

22nd July 2011


I think my heart just broke for the last time. Even as I say it, I know it isn’t true.

12th July 2011

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Well you built up a world of magic, cause your real life is tragic.

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7th July 2011

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Today, 17 teens will take their own lives due to bullying.


Reblog if you care.


If you don’t reblog, you have no heart. It wont kill you to have this on your tumblr.

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30th June 2011



All those things left unsaid. Ate me up inside until, in my eyes, you were dead. Gone with out a trace. Fallen from grace. Never to be more than a bitter memory in my heart. Because ever since the start, it was all a game too you. All you’ve ever said and tried too do, was just another excuse too hurt me. Because not once did you try too see. See why I tried and tried for months, after you already gave up on us. You hurt me in a way I only knew by your words. Ice cold hatred and true pain never flew like those beautiful birds. The ones that carried our lies for so long. Making us weak instead building our relationship strong. You’ll never know my pain. And everything I never seemed to gain. Because you don’t deserve to know the deep blues I saw when I thought you were all I had. Its honestly quite sad, sad too believe that I was actually falling so hard for such a long time. That I didn’t realize the truth that you were never mine. And never will I try too change that. Because this small simple fact, is why I’m still breathing. Still swimming through all my emotional distress. But with out you, it finally makes sense. This is my final goodbye. I’ll spread my wings too fly. Because you no longer deserve my anything. And never will you be my everything.

3rd May 2011

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Always re-blog. And re-reblog. And re-re-reblog…


Always re-blog. And re-reblog. And re-re-reblog…

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3rd May 2011


tiffanykoolaiidetravesty said: Why Are You So Damn Awesomee??

Because your my sister :P

19th April 2011


You’ve got the world in the palm of your hands but, you fucking choked.

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19th April 2011

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So amazing. Like words cannot explain my love for music. <33

So amazing. Like words cannot explain my love for music. <33

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19th April 2011

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If you ever feel like you are nothing, your fuckin’ perfect too me.

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